Legal Malpractice

When you seek the services of an attorney, you expect that he or she will deliver a satisfactory resolution, or, at minimum, abide by expected standards of professional conduct. Unfortunately, not all attorneys are professional, prompt, or reliable. Many miss deadlines, fail to obtain client consent, or outright attempt to defraud their clients. Fortunately, recourse is available for clients who suffer as a result of legal negligence.

Debt & Judgment Collections

Obtaining a judgment for a past-due account may be only the first step in recovering funds that are owed to you. While a judgment is a court order to make payment on a debt that is owed, the person who owes the funds will often disregard the judgment unless you force collection. When this occurs, your only option may be to hire an attorney who understands how to enforce a judgment.

Elder Abuse, Nursing Home Board & Care, & Residential Facilities for the Elderly

Is your loved one a victim of Elder Abuse or Neglect?

Whether it is in a Skilled Nursing Home (SNF) or a Board & Care/RCFE, Hospital or other Care Custodian Joel Selik has over 20 years experience In Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Cases.

Medical Malpractice

If you believe that you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice, consider working with Joel Selik, a trusted San Marcos and Las Vegas attorney who has successfully resolved a variety of complex medical malpractice cases. With Joel Selik's help, you can achieve justice and obtain the remuneration you deserve.

Personal Injury, Real Estate & Business Litigation

Whether it's an injury, wrongful death, a dispute in your business or on real estate, Mr. Selik can counsel you and pursue compensation and defend your rights.  Working with an attorney who knows the courts, knows litigation, knows mediation, arbitration, and how to get you compensation is key. When you are looking for an attorney in the areas of personal injury, real estate, or business litigation, Attorney Selik is the attorney you need in Southern California and Southern Nevada.

Other Practice Areas