Personal Injury

You or a loved one suffering a major injury impacts your life in multiple ways, including taking a hard hit on your finances in many cases. When the injury is due to someone else’s willful or reckless behavior, you should not be responsible for expenses that come from that injury. Mr. Selik handles all manner of personal injuries, including brain injuries and wrongful death suits. He can help you get the compensation you need to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and, in the absolute worst cases, burial and funeral costs.

Real Estate Disputes

When a seller, buyer, agent, or broker is trying to break or mis-read a contract, or all aspects of a real estate deal have not been upheld, contact Mr. Selik. He  handles real estate disputes and real estate agent or broker malpractice suits for those who have been wronged in a real estate transaction.

Business and Contract Litigation

When you own and operate your own business, you hope you never find yourself in court. Sometimes, though, going to court is inevitable. If you are facing a business or contract dispute with another party, Mr. Selik will help you through mediation or the court system to come to terms so you can end the dispute without giving up what’s rightfully yours.

Personal Injury, Real Estate and Business Litigation

When you seek personal injury compensation, amendments or enforcement of a real estate contract, or help in overcoming a business dispute, Mr. Selik has the skills and experience you need. He serves clients throughout Southern California and Southern Nevada, including the cities of San Diego and Las Vegas.